Breast Reconstruction

Breast Augmentation Toronto is the way to go for a greater bust appearance when you have an issue with your cup size. The results from elective surgery can be amazing and will help you with your cup size issue. Once you have gone through breast augmentation surgery you will have an increased cup size. Whatever the issue is with your natural breast, opting for surgery will sort them for you; however, it is important that you get it done by a certified and qualified plastic surgeon.

Breast enhancement has become a common and even popular procedure that plastic surgeons perform. Breasts play an important role in both physical and emotional health. If a women has an issue with her breasts, this could affect her on a variety of issues from self-perception to sexuality and even to breast feeding.

It is important to schedule an appointment with your breast augmentation surgeon so that he or she can advise you on these issues. Breast implant come in two materials: silicone and saline. Proper research should be done before you decide to go ahead with your procedure. Furthermore, a breast implant patient should be both physically and psychologically healthy. If you are smoking, it is advisable that you quit two to three weeks before your surgery. If you happen to be breast-feeding, hold your horses on getting that surgery!

Your plastic surgeon will help guide your decision on the variety of factors you need consider for breast reconstruction; including the type of incision to go for, placement choices, possible risks, and the recovery process. You should have very realistic expectations on what you will get as the result of the surgery. Together with your surgeon, you will hopefully figure out the decisions that are best for you and your body. If you are planning to go through this procedure in any major city, there will likely be a doctor that offers a suitable package for your needs.


Breast augmentation can be expensive as is expected of such a popular procedure. The price ranges around $5,000 onwards depending on which Toronto breast augmentation plastic surgeon you land at his door.